Monday, 16 February 2009

Dave and Dek's double whammy?

The Conservative Party has been somewhat out on a limb politically in opposing the Labour Government's fiscal stimulus - and consequently increased pubic borrowing - intended to kickstart the economy. Indeed, in yesterday's Sunday Post David Cameron pointed out that all of Scotland was "suffering at the hands of Labour's debt crisis".

Yet Campbell Gunn's column in last weekend's Post quoted Derek Brownlee, the Tory finance spokesman at Holyrood, as saying Scottish Government borrowing powers should be "considered seriously" by the Calman Commission in its review of devolution.

So UK public borrowing is "horrific", yet the Tories think that the debt burden borne by taxpayers in future should be added to north of the border?

What was that phrase the Tories used to ridicule Labour's tax plans during the 1992 general election? Ah, yes - a "double whammy"!

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