Thursday, 26 February 2009

McNeill forecasts extended recession?

In yesterday's Scotsman Hamish Macdonell described Labour's shift to support borrowing powers for the Scottish Parliament as the party's "biggest policy change in a decade". He also quoted Pauline McNeill, Labour's spokeswoman with responsibility for the Calman Commission, as saying:
I am also convinced that Holyrood should have prudential borrowing powers, which would allow us to develop a more coherent strategy for fighting the recession.
Which seems to assume the recession will still be in progress by the time the Calman Commission reports and that Westminster subsequently extends borrowing powers to Holyrood, which is presumably several years down the line at the earliest. Perhaps she meant a recession rather than the recession?

On the substantive issue, I had intended to write an in-depth analysis and critique of the political, constitutional and economic implications of greater fiscal autonomy for the Scottish Parliament, but the impressively irreverent Mr H arguably gets to the crux of the matter in a mere eleven words:
It's like putting a meth head in charge of the chemists.

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