Monday, 27 July 2009

Another moral compass!

There's clearly been some discussion in the Scottish press and blogosphere lately about the religous dimension to politics, and so it continued in the weekend press with a Sunday Times article about a leading politician's Presbyterian faith being his "driving force", with the religious aspect to his upbringing underlined, and also mention of how this has influenced his "moral compass".

No, it's not the 'son of the manse', it's Alex Salmond, but apart from the minor details much of the content of the article on his background might well have been about Gordon Brown.

However, and despite the article, Mr Salmond says: "I’m naturally suspicious of people who wear religion heavily on their sleeves — that’s just not me and my style.”

Perhaps he's hinting at someone else here?


Wardog said...

The Times were reporting on a interview Salmond did for the Catholic newspaper, The Tablet.

Blair, Brown, Milliband and Anne Widdecome seem to be regulars in the publication.

The Times article (as one would expect) stretches the notion of a moral compass into ludicrous realms.

When you look at the author of the piece I burst out laughing.

Loraine Davidson, that neutral unbiased Times reporter who was previously a Labour PR Spinner and wrote an autobiography on McConnell.

The Labour msear machine continues unabeted, coupled with a biased national press, I for one am extremely concerned about the perilous state of political coverage in Scotland.

We are being fed a second rate form of propoganda (and no I'm not a conspiracy theorist), the spate of personal attacks copied from Labour spin doctors recently has been truly breathtaking.

They are defending a 10,000 majority.

What is going on, they seem on high alert and willing to throw anything at their nearest rivals the SNP.

The real story not being reported is the sheer panic that Labour are in over Glasgow North East.

Stuart Winton said...

Well I don't know about the latter part of the Times article (which I steered clear of!!), but the stuff about Alex Salmond's "moral compass" and the like seemed to be straight from the horse's mouth!