Saturday, 31 October 2009

A (New) Year's a long time in politics

Earlier this year Dundee SNP councillor Jimmy Black promised that he would do this best to ensure the city had a Hogmanay party this year - the lack of an official New Year's Eve celebration has been a source of disgruntlement for several years.

However, even with a Nationalist administration ensconced in the city since the spring of this year, there will still be no party come 31 December.

Ah, but Councillor Black has responded to a letter in the Evening Telegraph saying that there's no provision for a Hogmanay celebration this year because the budget was set by the previous Labour-led alliance.

Er, but wasn't that the budget which was unanimously passed by all councillors and the then Labour finance convenor said he was "delighted that members around the table today have set aside party political differences ".

It's often said that a week's a long time in politics, but it seems that in Dundee electors have to wait at least a year for things to happen.

But with administration leader Ken Guild warning of job losses because of budget cuts in the forthcoming handful of years, it'll be interesting to see where the money for a Hogmanay party comes from, if at all.

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