Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Belonging, togetherness and a sense of community

The Highwayman Community Centre in Dundee's Hilltown is to be demolished as part of the area's regeneration, and a local community forum has declared it 'vital' that a replacement facility is built, particularly in view of funding being withdrawn from other community projects in the area. The forum's secretary says:

A single centre which is eclectic in its activities allows for a sense of choice, belonging, togetherness and diversity. A new, purpose-built community facility...would encourage a sense of community.

Having never been in the Highwayman centre I've no doubt that this provides an apt description for what could be found there before its recent closure. However, as a resident of the area for [far too long] I would have to say that such words could be a tad inappropriate in describing the area more generally.

Indeed, the night before reading the above in the Evening Telegraph I ironically came across the YouTube video below, which shows a scene near the Highwayman centre one idyllic late afternoon.

While the scenes in the video represent a bit of a caricature as regards what normally goes on in the area, on the other hand they accord slightly more with my view of the Hilltown than a sense of belonging and togetherness.

(The Highwayman centre is the building with the small stairwell, top middle of the screen at 0.55. The second half of the video focuses on the same pub, but from a camera further down the street.)

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