Saturday, 12 June 2010

G in The Park

Earlier this week the Herald reported that organisers of the annual T in the Dump music shindig are asking festival-goers to take a more responsible approach to the disposal of their rubbish and tents (sic). To mark this new initiative a Scottish fashion designer made a dress out of discarded tents (sic) and this was modelled by a member of one of the bands appearing at this year's event. It's hoped that this initiative - called Citizen T - will encourage revellers to put their litter in the bin and take their tents home (sic).

Well it's not clear whether the organisers are being serious about this or whether it's a political-style gesture, but this has as much chance of being effective as, er, let's see.

Ah, yes. Dundee has a problem with illegal and dangerous parking outside schools - doesn't everywhere? - and last year, following much multi-agencying and suchlike, it was decided that putting a few posters up and a few cones down would sort it. Er, not quite.

Perhaps the point with many of these kinds of issues is that they are allowed to fester for many years and the problem - and particularly the behaviour of those causing it - becomes so ingrained that it's impossible to turn round without drastic action, and the authorities simply don't have the backbone for that.

Same with the alcohol problem, caused by light-touch policing and the neglect of existing licensing laws. And, like T in The Park's and Dundee City Council's gimmicks, the best the SNP Government could come up with was a proposal for minimum pricing, which would have been as effective as the legislation passed by the previous administration and only recently implemented. Thus, not very, it would seem, given that even the politicians don't seem to be trumpeting its success.

Never mind, though. At least it keeps them in a job.

NB The 'G' in the headline stands for 'Gimmick'. Or 'Gesture'. Or 'Garbage'.


Aspirational Young Voter said...

My goodness, aren't wee a grumpy old man today.

Do you puncture footballs that land in your garden too?


Stuart Winton said...

Thanks for the response, but if you choose to ignore the substantive issues then perhaps you could come up with something a bit less cliched than the "grumpy old man" gig?

But which party are you aspiring to vote for, and what is that party's views on the issues which you dismiss as the concerns of a "grumpy old man"?

By the way, I don't have a garden, but if you mean the shared area to the rear of where I live then it's so full of garbage deposited by "aspirational young voters" that I doubt if the odd football would be noticed.

Never mind though, when you eventually turn into a grumpy old person then you might be more appreciative of where I'm coming from ;0)