Monday, 31 January 2011

Would anyone notice?

I could almost be bothered reading an article in yesterday's Scotland on Sunday, which I think may have been about a delay in the count for the Holyrood elections in May, this to be caused by the extra workload necessitated by having Westminster's AV referendum on the same day (or at least it was the last time I was paying attention).

Anyway, in a nutshell this seems to mean that instead of the traditional count after the polls close on Thursday through to the early hours of Friday, the count will be delayed later date.

Well I would have to admit that I'll be slightly disappointed if not able to stay up until the early hours and have a bit of a cringe as the results come in while devouring a few munchies from Tesco, but apart from the politicos, the journalists and the more anoraky tendency like myself (although not part of the ultra-anoraky faction) would anyone else really notice or, more to the point, would it really bother them? Probably not.

All the same, I'd much prefer the conventional set up rather than have the AV vote get in the way, but perhaps that's more to do with antipathy towards the referendum than eager anticipation regarding the Holyrood poll. And since I'm on a permanent healthy eating regimen these days - in other words, a normal diet - the Friday morning snack-fest won't be happening anyway, spoiling the fun slightly.

I'm sure I also read that the SNP and Labour are actually at one on this issue and are lobbying for a rethink.

Aye, it's good to see that when they actually agree on something it's an issue that's sure to have the voters just desperate to get into those polling booths.


Allan said...

Have to say that i'm not really bothered when the vote is counted. As long as the result is an accurate one, that's all that really matters. Of course this last point was swept under the carpet this time last year as Tom Harris and Iain Dale embarked upon their save Election Night campaign. That really worked as most results came through from 2am onwards - four hours after the polls closed.

This looks like a similar attempt to stir up the same kind of outrage. It just isn't going to work either as every Holyrood election to date has never been done & dusted by 3am.

Stuart Winton said...

Thanks for that Allan, I'd forgotten about the campaign about the Westminster count. Not sure if there's any significance in your mention of messrs Harris and Dale in view of the fact that of course they've both given up blogging ;0)

And, indeed, as you allude in your second paragraph there may be an element of the press looking for a story rather than anything particularly newsworthy!!

Indy said...

The count is not going to be delayed because the referendum will be held on the same day - it will be delayed because instructions have been given to start the count of the AV referendum on the same day.

That's what annoys people. We won't get the result of the Holyrood election until the result of the AV referendum is known. That takes precedence, despite the fact that the date of the Holyrood election was already set before the Coalition were even elected - and despite the fact that very few people in Scotland care two hoots about the AV referendum.