Saturday, 20 August 2011

The politically correct Dr Starkey(!)

It seems that historian David Starkey is unapologetic about his recent Newsnight remarks on 'gangsta' culture that have predictably caused so much controversy. Or at least if his article in today's Telegraph is anything to go by. But it seems that even Dr Starkey has been stricken by the political correctness bug. Thus he says:
Scotland, Alex Salmond says smugly, is a “different culture”. It is indeed, since the Scots are allowed - and even encouraged - to be as racist as they please and hate the English with glad abandon. I do not want a similar licensed xenophobia here.
Of course, I though that usual form of the highlighted phrase was 'gay abandon', but presumably Dr Starkey hasn't used this in order that gratuitous offence be avoided.

Well done that man! Or person.


Allan said...

Hmmm, if Starkey doesn't want licenced xenophobia here then what exactly does he think "Stop your sniffling Jock" is if it isn't licenced xenophobia.

Stuart Winton said...

Indeed, Allan, but I suppose his argument would be that Scotland started it, although clearly our argument would be the other way round.

Thus xenophobia begets exenophobia, but in any case he does seem to be overegging the pudding a bit.

barbarian said...

Starkey is a raving lunatic. Is there anyone who he actually likes?

Stuart Winton said...

Presumably that's a rhetorical question, Barbarian ;O)

barbarian said...

Totally off topic, but how the hell did you get attention to your blog? I've recently started blogging, and I want to see how big a balls up I can make :p

Stuart Winton said...

Good question, barbarian, but since you and Allan seem to be just about my only readers then you should be in a good position to answer it yourself!!

But it would be a good idea if you told us where you blog is for starters ;0)

I could add it to my blogroll, that might get you at least one reader!

Commenting on other people's blogs is probably a start though, and it's a good idea to register so that people can view your profile and perhaps get to your blog that way.

You could also mention your blog in the comments, but perhaps only if it's a pertinent post (say) because clearly a lot of people would otherwise regard it as spamming.

You could perhaps nominate a post for the Scottish Roundup - never had the chutzpah to do that myself, but I suppose a new blog is a different matter - or perhaps even email established bloggers to tell them you've started, or perhaps even ask them to add you to their blogroll, although I would look at their blogroll beforehand to perhaps ascertain whether such a request is likely to be well received!!

Angus McLellan said...

In answer to the question of whether there is anyone Starkey actually likes, the answer is yes. He's an enthusiastic admirer of Henry VIII and has written about him at great - some might say excessive - length. There's an old interview in the Daily Telegraph entitled Is David Starkey the reincarnation of Henry VIII? which is just about as bizarre as you'd expect given the title.

Stuart Winton said...

Thanks, Angus. An interesting read; he's certainly a 'colourful' character.

I've actually got a copy of his 'Six Wives' book, which I bought a few years ago.

Never actually read it though, but I've got quite a few of them!